Mexicans love soccer. It boasts big teams, great players, top coaches and devoted fans. Cornish miners brought futbol to Mexico in the late 1800s. The nation quickly fell in love with the beautiful game, and it grew in popularity.

A rich soccer heritage

Pachuca became Mexico’s first pro club in 1901. Mexico now has more than 8 million players, according to FIFA. Mexico has 311 registered clubs and 17,000 teams. The Mexican Federation of Soccer launched in 1927. It runs four divisions: Liga MX, Ascenso MX, Segunda División de Mexico and Tercera División de Mexico. Teams go up and down each year. The top division includes 18 teams, and there are fierce rivalries. Each Mexico futbol season has two competitions: Apertura and Clausura. The top teams reach the playoffs, and the winner becomes the champion. Copa MX allows the smaller clubs to take on the big boys.

Mexico Soccer – The birthplace of superstars

Mexico has hosted the World Cup twice, and that is a great honor. Brazil is the only other country to host two World Cups. Mexicans call the national team El Tri, and it has a great history. It has won the Gold Cup more times than any other team. Mexico also won gold at the 2012 Olympic Games. Many Mexican futbol stars have gone to Europe and thrived. Rafael Marquez, Javier Hernandez and Hugo Sánchez are examples of global superstars, but there are many more. The world’s best players also head to Mexico to play in Liga MX, including Andre-Pierre Gignac.

A thriving domestic scene

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